Our goal is to make our pricing simple, transparent, and affordable.

Standardized Pricing Across the Board

We standardize our pricing to make it simple and fair for our clients, and add to our efficiency.

Many companies would be timid to release their prices to everyone, however that is not the case for myself or Ankeny Lawn and Landscapes.

We know that price is what begins the buying decision, however it is the value received that creates lifetime customers. Here are the standardized prices we use for lawn mowing, based upon square footage. There are many variables that will increase or decrease the price but these are the general guidelines we use.

  • Sq. Footage of Lawn Weekly Service
  • Less Than 7000 $35
  • 7000-8000 $40
  • 8000-9500 $45
  • 9500-11000 $50
  • 11000-12500 $55

Here are some of the variables that will affect the price:

  • Shape: A perfectly rectangular lawn will take a considerable amount of time less to mow in comparison to an odd shaped lawn with flowerbeds and obstacles scattered throughout.
  • Access & Fences: Small gates into backyards keep us from using larger mowing equipment, and increases the time it takes to mow the backyard if it is fenced in. To keep a neat fence-line, we must also trim around the entirety of it. Long driveways or addresses with limited parking for our truck and trailer setup, also increase the time it takes to perform service. A lawn right next to where the trailer parks is going to cost less.

Here Are Some of the Common Questions We Get Regarding the Prices for Lawn Mowing.

  • "My lawn hasn't been mowed for several weeks and is a bit overgrown.": On your very first mowing service, if the lawn is overgrown it can take the crew 2-3 times longer to mow the grass. This initial cut will cost extra to establish defined edges and an appropriate grass length but after that your price will fall in alignment with the standard fees.
  • "My lawn takes 10 minutes to mow. Why does it cost $35?": We have a minimum cost of $35 per mowing service. Even if the lawn is 500 square feet, we still must charge our minimum service charge. Trucks, trailers, insurance, fuel, and other expenses make it important for us to charge that minimum fee. Also, on the back end, it takes time to service and account for each Client for billing, invoicing, and Customer service.
  • "My Lawn doesn't need mowed every week, do you offer bi-weekly service?": In many areas of the country, I have friends in the business that bi-weekly service is the standard. Here in central Iowa, weekly service is typically necessary to keep the grass height at an appropriate length without scalping every other week. For this reason, we don't typically offer this service. We have made exceptions to this rule, however this is on a case by case basis.
  • "What about treatments and fertilizers?": All of your lawn care pricing is based upon square footage. We have basic and premium packages for treatments and are more than happy to share with you the prices for those services. The Basic Treatment Package includes 5 treatments per year and a fall aeration. The Premium Package contains 5 treatments per year, including spring and fall lawn aeration! We are also able to apply gypsum, lime, and other soil additives to create a healthy growing environment for your turf!

If you are interested in learning more, please click any of the links to learn about mowing, fertilization, weed control, core aeration and over-seeding, or to get your free personalized quote!